Agent Orange Hypertension

Agent Orange Hypertension

Word file Presumptive Disability Benefits For Certain Groups Of ...
Veterans within one year of release from active duty: Veterans diagnosed with chronic diseases (such as arthritis, diabetes, or hypertension) are presumptive, disability, disabilities, disabled, compensation, POW, herbicide, herbicides, radiation, agent orange, disability benefits, ionizing ... Access Content

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Thiazide is a term used to describe a type of molecule and a class of diuretics often used to treat hypertension (high blood pressure) and edema (such as that caused by heart, liver, or kidney disease). The thiazides and thiazide-like diuretics reduce the risk of death, stroke, heart attack and ... Read Article

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Word file Part III, Subpart Iv, Chapter 4, Section E. Cardiovascular ...
Rating hypertension. considering a diagnosis of pre-hypertension. considering the long term effects of hypertension. granting service connection arteriosclerotic manifestations due to hypertension ... Visit Document

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A high quality fish oil possesses the most potent cancer fighting agent of them all: Vitamin D. Flax seed is very good for you though, and I enjoy it often. ... View Video

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Immunotoxicological Effects Of Agent Orange Exposure
The veterans-patient group is composed of the Vietnam War veterans diagnosed to have chronic diseases associated with Agent Orange exposure. Among them, twelve veterans (50%) had cardiovascular diseases such as hypertension, hemiplegia, cerebral infarction, telangiectasis, or total hip replacement ... Read More

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PDF file Agent Orange: Answering The Questions
Rule - has been exposed to the chemical herbicide Agent Orange between the dates of January 9, 1962, and ending on May 7, refers only to heart disease, it does not include hypertension or peripheral manifestations of arteriosclerosis such as peripheral ... Retrieve Document

About Agent Orange Exposure May Increase Risk Of High Blood Pressure
Of Medicine, in a recent update to its ongoing study of the effects of Agent Orange on Prostate Cancer and Agent Orange - Agent Orange and Prostate Cancer; NASA Acronyms - H Acronyms; How To Prevent High Blood Pressure; Pregnancy Induced Hypertension ... Read Article

About Agent Orange Increases Risk Of Autoimmune Thyroid Disease
Agent Orange Increases Risk of Graves' Disease Some thyroid news out of the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists annual meeting in Boston. ... Read Article

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